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Vets are the best coaches for your fur baby’s care every day.

MyVetCoach app will change your life with your puppy!

You can finally live your parenthood with serenity.

  • Our vetbot is designed by veterinarians and covers topics like education, nutrition, healthcare, prevention, hygiene, and a pet product selection.
  • Access 200+ expert tips to strengthen your coaching
  • Get personalized assistance – we’re here to answer any questions on top of the vetbot’s guidance.

Using My Vet Coach is like having a daily 15 minutes vet consultation with a vet for your puppy, ensuring optimal care and success for your fur baby.

With a puppy every day counts!

Becoming a dog parent means packing in 18 years of parenting a child into just 10 months! Every day counts, and that’s why we’ve created a daily program to help you learn about your puppy’s education, health, food, games, and knowledge.

Led by a network of over 50 veterinarians, we aim to enhance pet care for pet parents.

Just as you would hire a coach for sports, diet, or wellness, we recommend hiring a veterinarian to coach you in caring for your pet. We understand that veterinarians can’t cover everything during consultations, which is why we’ve given them new tools through our ASTUVET platform. Thousands of veterinarians are already using our content and services, but we wanted to take it a step further and help you in between consultations, in collaboration with your veterinarian if they choose.

Questions like “What should I do when my dog first arrives?” or “How do I introduce them to others?” and “What should I feed them?” or “What treatments do they need for protection?” are legitimate concerns for new dog owners. Having a dog is about more than just educating them, and that’s why our veterinarians have designed a unique program to help you every step of the way.

Don’t worry, we will teach you everything you need to know and provide support throughout your journey as a dog parent.

Want the best for your puppy? So do we!

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Our dedicated team of veterinarians and vet techs is here to assist you with your pet, being a dog or cat! If you have any queries, simply submit them using our form, and we’ll respond promptly.

Please note that this is not a telemedicine service and is primarily intended for non-emergency inquiries. For urgent concerns or medical emergencies, we advise reaching out to your local veterinarian for the best assistance.

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My Vet Coach is edited by ASTUVET, a platform created by more than 50 vets and vet techs. This app is the extension of our professional platform ASTUVET which gathers more than 7000 vets, vet techs and students in the world