It is important to consider what types of food and treats should be used on a lick mat to maximize its benefits for your dog. Lick mats are used to spread wet or soft foods such as peanut butter, yogurt, or pumpkin puree, creating a fun and stimulating activity for dogs to enjoy.

Dogs can lick the food from the mat, which can help to calm them down and reduce their anxiety and stress levels. Lick mats can also be used to slow down fast eaters or as a distraction during grooming or vet visits. They are a great tool for promoting good behavior and providing mental stimulation for dogs.

Top use cases for lick mats:
Anxious dogs
Quick eater dogs
Messy eaters
For bath time
Dental cleaning (not replacing regular toothbrushing)
Dog distraction
Chewing dogs

Lick mats can be utilized in various ways, each with its own advantages.

Licking action is highly enjoyable for dogs, and it releases endorphins, which promote happiness and relaxation. This can help calm and soothe your pet and redirect negative licking behaviors. Providing your dog with a lick mat can serve as an effective distraction in moderately stressful situations, such as when you leave home or have unfamiliar guests over. Lick mats can help beat boredom and enrich your dog’s life. While most lick mats offer a fun and stimulating activity, some are designed specifically with boredom in mind. They challenge your dog to reach the treat inside, keeping them entertained for extended periods. Lick mats can slow down your dog’s eating, which promotes better digestion. Fast eating can lead to discomfort, bloating, and other digestive issues. The licking action encouraged by the lick mat stimulates saliva production, which helps break down food, leading to improved digestion and reduced bloating risks. Lick mats support oral health by scraping the dog’s tongue with their grooves and soft bristles, removing particles and bacteria. This ultimately enhances oral hygiene and keeps teeth and gums healthy. You can even use a lick mat as a tongue brush by spreading doggie toothpaste.

What are some recommended food options to spread on a Lickimat?

To effectively spread food on a lick mat, you can use the back of a spoon and select from a variety of options, including:
wet food
minced meat
peanut butter
canned fish such as sardines or salmon
pureed vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or carrots
bone broth

Note that you can feed a full meal on a Lickimat, not just treats.